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Based on an original story idea by COLLEEN DUVALL
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Experience a musical parody of King size proportions!

During the Misery of a blizzard, five people are drawn to the Shining lights of the Overlook Hotel. The group includes Jack: the hotel’s new caretaker, Wendy: his unhappy wife, Danny: their clairvoyant son, Annie: a quick to anger nurse, and Paul: the mysterious unconscious man she drags up to room 217. As the storm grows so do the mysteries of the hotel and the new guests sing and vocalize while hacking an onslaught of visitors — human, animal, and supernatural. Will this group be able to harmonize through IT, take a Stand, or fade into The Mist?

Full video, cast recording, and script available for prospective professional productions!

Shining In Misery at 54 Below

"Mark-Eugene Garcia and Colleen DuVall’s book is clever and full of witty, laugh-out-loud dialogue. Garcia’s lyrics are genius, nuanced, and often hysterical. Andrew Abrams' music is fresh and exciting (and those vocal arrangements), and Evan Lange’s orchestrations are sublime. The entire score is a joy, but "The Stand "and "Get Busy Livin’" (which you will leave singing) will stay on permanent repeat in my collection.
All too often, parody shows get old 20 minutes in. That’s not the case with Shining in Misery because it’s not mere parody…it’s a love letter to Stephen King and musical theatre. It's destined to be a long-running, cult-classic. When it comes to New York—and it will come to New York—DO NOT MISS IT!"

- Broadway World

World Premiere Production Photos
Photos by Darren Lee

World Premiere Production Reviews

Pennywise balloon

"You can very easily see this show going on the road like other parody musicals, or becoming a staple of late-night theater."
- Cap Times

"Shining in Misery
floats by for two hours on a wave of cheerful and catchy songs, a talented, high-energy cast of actors, and
a barrage of jokes both silly and sublime. You’ll float too."
- Cap Times

"For all the mayhem and murder, the dominant note at the performance I attended was laughter; I’ve never – and I mean never – heard more of it while watching a show."
- Mike Fischer, for World Premiere Wisconsin

"An uproarious musical skewering the Master of Horror — and a hell of a lot more besides"
- Madison Magazine

"The songs are spirited, the overall impression of the show is a tour-de-force of writing, with performers and technical resources more than up to the challenge. It’s a load of fun."
- Talkin Broadway

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